Flinders Park Football Club History

1927 as Flinders Park Methodist - Renamed Flinders Park in 1933

Red, navy blue and gold

On the 15th of March 1927 a community meeting was held and as a result the Flinders Park Methodist Church Football Club was born. The new team to the United Church Association's 'B' Division wore a chocolate and blue guernsey with blue knickers, and capped off their first season with a Premiership. Since then, the Flinders Park history spans over some nine decades and has seen the club compete in five different leagues and associations. We boasts the unique distinction of having claimed at least one senior grade Premiership in each of them.

The club began life in 1927 as Flinders Park Methodist, competing in the United Churches Football Association. Our six season stint in this competition yielded a premiership every year but one, and so in 1933 the club sought a sterner challenge by applying to join the South Australian Amateur Football League. The application proved successful but the initial foray into the SAAFL proved disastrous, as after just a single season the club was expelled because of bad behaviour on the part of our supporters. The 1934 season saw the Reds fronting up in the Adelaide and Suburban Football League where we would remain until 1946; the season that saw them claim their second senior grade Premiership in the competition.

In 1947 and 1948 Flinders Park was a member of the West Torrens District Football Association, and we enjoyed premiership success in both years. The club’s second stint in the SAAFL began in 1949 and on this occasion there were no supporter-related problems. Over the ensuing three decades the Reds made their way steadily up the SAAFL’s grading ladder, and by the mid-1970s we were fielding the strongest teams in our history, as evidenced by the feat of winning back to back premierships in A1 Grade in 1976 and 1977. The 1978 season saw the creation of a new competition, the South Australian Football Association (SAFA), which was intended to be the second tier of organised football in the state. As a leading amateur club, Flinders Park was invited to transfer to this competition, which we did and were able to claim senior grade premierships in both of our first two seasons. We later added a third in 1981, and a fourth and last in 1983. At the end of the 1995 season the SAFA disbanded with most of its member clubs, including Flinders Park, transferring to the SAAFL. There we had an immediate impact winning a division four flag in our first season.

In 2017 Flinders Park will field senior A and B grade football teams competing in Division 3 and 3 Reserves of the Channel 9 Adelaide Football League, C grade at C2 level, and again for the second year running two Senior Colts teams competing in both the Red and Yellow Under 18.5 divisions. The club also boasts nine junior football teams at all levels from Under 8 to Under 16 in the SANFL Juniors competition, and is looking at expanding into girls football in 2017.

Also part of the club are the Flinders Park Cricket Club competing in the Adelaide Turf Cricket Association's A3, B3, LO3 and Under 17 levels, and juniors in the Western Suburbs Junior Cricket Association's Under 11 and Under 13 grades.

In 2015 we added Netball to the club as part of our ongoing mission to better include the women around our football club and local area, and offer them the opportunity to take part in competitive sport under our banner. We take part in the South Australian United Church Netball Association and our 'A' team secured a B3 Premiership in their inaugural Winter season, with another two Premierships added over Summer 2015/16.