Flinders Park Football Club Inc.

History & Achievements

Flinders Park Netball Club

The Flinders Park Netball Club (FPNC) is a community club established in 2015 to enable women associated with the Flinders Park Football Club (FPFC) to play competitive netball together under the club’s banner – ‘One Club’ – with the main goals being fun and fitness.

Premierships & Awards

Winter Premierships

2015: B3

2016: B1

2017: B3 

2018: A3 and B3 

2019: B1 

2020: B6

2021: B3 and B4 

2022: B2

2023: B3

Player Milestones - 100 Winter Matches

2023: Georgia Trowse

2024: Lyndy Cavanagh, Shauna Morris

Player Milestones - 50 Winter Matches

2018: Georgia Trowse

2019: Brooke Stephens, Shauna Morris, Mallory Petersen, Mary Stevens, Lyndy Cavanagh

2021: Caitlin Stephens, Amber Lonnee, Liana Walter, Belinda James

2022: Jacinta Langford, Catriona Allan, Shay Stanton

2023: Nerissa Budrikas, Brittany Harmer, Jaime Sowton

A Grade Best & Fairest Player

2015 (B3): Lilly Vlassopoulos

2016 (B1): Erin Martin

2017 (A2): Sheree Wingard

2018 (A1): Sheree Wingard

2019 (A1): Shay Stanton

2020 (A4): Catriona Allan

2021 (A2): Catriona Allan

2022 (A1): Alicia Keane

2023 (A1): Phoebe Hunter



2018  ‘Joy Smith Award’ – A1 Best and Fairest: Brooke Stephens

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