Flinders Park Football Club Inc.



The Flinders Park Football Club Inc. are always looking for new sponsors and we are very open to discussing new ideas that can suit both the club and you! In winter 2022 we are fielding 4 senior men’s football teams, two senior women’s football team, and 7 senior netball teams, and we have one of the strongest presences in the SANFL Juniors competition with boys and girls football offered at all levels. Combined with our 3 senior and 8 junior aged cricket teams and a further 7 senior netball teams over the summer months – plus the long awaited advent of junior netball by next summer – the potential brand exposure all year round to our players, families and friends – as well as our opposition – is absolutely enormous.

Our existing sponsors range from major corporate partnerships to donations of goods or services, and each enjoys benefits such as exclusive access to signage (club and/or oval), tickets to Sponsors Days, promotion on our various media platforms and invitations to special events such as our annual ball.

To speak to our Sponsorship Director Jeff Dunn about a corporate partnership or sponsorship package for your business please contact via mobile phone on 0417 860 045, or email sponsorship@fpfc.com.au today!

We can tailor a sponsorship package to suit you and your business !

Player Sponsorship

Football or netball player sponsorship is a great and affordable way to show your support for the club too and is more valuable than ever in 2022. The sponsor receives club membership and is therefore entitled to all our member benefits, advertising on the display monitors in the club rooms, a complimentary ticket to all sponsorship days, and of course the player of their choice will have their annual subscription fees paid.

The Player Sponsor Form is available in our Corporate Partnerships pack – simply fill out and email your information to sponsorship@fpfc.com.au, or contact Jeff Dunn on 0417 860 045 for any queries.